Sep 19, 2007

[Google] Graduates of Labs and the New Google Docs

Google has been pretty this week, and we've seen a lot of changes.

First came the announcements that both Google Reader and GOOG-411 are now officially graduates of Google Labs! Thus gone are the Google Labs beaker icons and hello to unique icons for each service.

Of course the bigger news is better captured in this video:

#3 - Google Docs in Plain English

I know, that video tends to mostly explain how Google Docs works but at the end you'll catch the fact that they mention you can now edit presentations with Google Docs and not just documents and spreadsheets anymore.

While the functions for the presentation aspect are somewhat limited, still it certainly helps round out Google's online tools for now in what people tend to call "Google Office" but it's far from becoming any kind of "MS Office killer" no matter how much people speculate about it.

Things should certainly do a lot better once they allow Google Docs to work offline, most likely with the help of Google Gears, although why they haven't made progress in this area is beyond me.

Still, it's just another day in the ever-dynamic life of Google, it seems.

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