Aug 20, 2007

[Movies] Failure to Launch

Looking for something light to watch, my partner Brian and I ended up popping in our DVD copy of Failure to Launch and were pleasantly surprised with how the movie turned out.

There's a lot more to this film that just seeing both Matthew McConaughey and Bradley Cooper shirtless, hahaha.

What struck me first about the movie is how good the writing was - the characters were pretty much believable and not too stereotypical, which is always a good thing. Hats off to whoever penned the character of Paula for Sarah Jessica Parker. Sex and the City aside, I doubt that anyone else could have portrayed the role better than her. She was the perfect combination of physical beauty and intellectual wittiness and appeal.

The premise wasn't too far-fetched especially in an Asian context since most guys hardly ever move out and instead have their wives move in. Of course in the Western world this concept is largely unheard of and becomes a prime opportunity for comedy. Throw in a mother played by Kathy Bates on top of all the other stars and you're more than set for a great movie.

Sure, this one is never going to win awards for depth or for being mind-bogglingly amazing. However if you want a fresh spin on the romantic comedy genre and with Matthew and Bradley shirtless to boot, then this is definitely a movie for you! Send your brain on a vacation and just sit back, relax and enjoy the silliness of it all.

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