Aug 20, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] 'Kwir 'A-thE-ist

Kwir A-thE-ist

With the recent weather, fluctuating ISP performance and just how busy I've been as of late, I haven't been able to post PGB reviews as much as I'd like to. To make up for lost time, here's this week's review of a pretty interesting and diverse site - 'Kwir 'A-thE-ist.

'Kwir 'A-thE-ist is the personal blog of Oboids, a training practitioner within the call center industry with some pretty strong views in life and who's not afraid to share those same ideas.

The site is based around the WordPress platform and would have to be tagged as NSFW due to some graphic imagery. It's a mixed-language blog so international readers who don't speak Filipino / Tagalog may have some difficulty with certain entries. The site covers a diverse array of topics ranging from his personal exploits to his various interests.

I like the site given it covers a lot of topics that I personally find interesting and yet you might not naturally expect them to appear in a single site - a testament to the amazing diversity of humanity I suppose. For one thing, Oboids talks about a lot of highly technical items that excites the geek in me and yet also posts movie reviews of striking LGBT films as well. He writes about his exploits in the call center industry while at the same time posting entries about Yaoi, which is the Japanese term for manga and anime content that is highly homosexual in nature and in many cases sexually explicit (hence the NSFW tag). I never realized there was so much more to this genre than I had initially assumed, haha.

Oboids writing style in itself is pretty dynamic as well. At times he's playful and simple, the kind of guy you might enjoy talking to on any given day or perhaps best over drinks with the craziest topics that can possibly come to mind. Then again, he shifts as well and has entries that are rather deep and pretty profound that have you thankful for being able to remember some of the things you learned back in college. Depending on the topic (and perhaps the day of the week or the phase of the moon), you're bound to encounter a different aspect of this provocative blogger, all of which are more than worth reading.

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