Jul 25, 2007

[Web] LiveJournal is Down, Another Revolt Forthcoming?

It seems that the acquisition of LiveJournal by Six Apart is detrimental to LJ users.

As of 6:49 PM PDT, LiveJournal is down, along with other major Web sites, due to a power outage in San Francisco. According to Six Apart Status, TypePad is up, but the service is degraded as of this moment. LiveJournal is still down, and it seems Six Apart's priority is TypePad (it is a paid service, after all). As can be inferred from the Status, the priority is TypePad, LJ later. Sorry, LJ users.

It seems Six Apart has not learned from the previous revolt. Anyway, LJ users can always switch. But what makes users stick to LJ, despite the way Six Apart treats them?

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