Jul 24, 2007

[Entertainment] Make Manila a Spice City!


I post this entry on behalf of all my dear friends who are dying to see them in concert and not have to fly to Hong Kong.

If you visit the Spice Girls website, the buzz is all about their reunion tour. The nice thing is that there is also an option to nominate other cities for them to visit.

So the call is going out to all Spice Girls fans here in the Philippines to nominate Manila as a destination in their world tour! There are no drop-down menus with options so let's all be consistent in saying MANILA. You'll need a valid email address to sign the petition so I'm sure there are those who will be creating multiple accounts just to get more votes. After all, our countrymen (and women) are veterans of internet voting. Just look at the beauty pageants! Hahaha!

So let's Spice up Manila!

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