Jul 4, 2007

[Call Centers] Interesting Strategy

I received a call at my desk just this morning that really amused me...

Front Desk Associate: Hi Sir Rocky, I have a Mae from CCAP on the other line.
rOckY: A who? A Mae from CCAP?
FDA: Yes sir, a Mae from CCAP.
R: *curious* Um, okay patch her through.
*FDA connects the call*
R: Hi, this is Rocky.
Mae: Hi Sir, this is Mae. I'm not really from CCAP, I'm from a headhunter, sir.
R: Oooh...tricky. Well that's interesting...

Just think of the gall of actually calling the front desk just to reach me. Needless to say, it made for a very interesting conversation.


  1. True, true, but then again "head hunter" was never meant as a term of affection, eh?

    Still, it was interesting...