Jul 4, 2007

[Geeky Guide] The Geek Goes Out

At the last minute, AJ invited me to join him in attending the Taste Asia Blogger Food Fest held at Taste Asia at the SM Mall of Asia. It was an invite-only gathering of over 150 bloggers to allow fellow bloggers to interact with members of the local blogosphere and to just be friendly and network.

I realized that this was (1) the first time I as ever going to Mall of Asia and (2) the first time I was going to a blogger event to represent my blogs. Yikes! Was the Geeky Guide ready for this? I have to admit that since its creation, I've been largely passive in promoting the site, focusing more and developing the content and establishing a core identity for the blog. I suppose it was about time to make a serious effort, eh?

So I went.

After a bit of difficulty getting a cab and a spot of traffic on the way, I finally made it to MOA before 08:00pm. I started asking for directions but the guards weren't very well trained and it took me a good ten or so minutes to find someone who knew where Taste Asia was. From there I met up with AJ and braved the event. There were so many people!

AJ and I walked around until we met up with Aileen who was very nice and very Google-connected, which excited me to know end. I am such a Google freak.

The food was interesting and AJ and I certainly had our fill while talking about our blogs and some of the technical stuff behind them. In time, it became necessary to walk around, try to get to know people and wait for the raffle prizes, haha.

AJ won a gift bag with...socks. Different kinds of socks. People were winning stuff left and right and I regretted not having brought "blogger cards" to promote my site. It was a last-minute invite anyway.

Eventually I got a chance to win something - open mike time! The floor was opened to anyone who wanted to promote their blogs. Since no one was rushing up, they then offered a prize to anyone who went up. Still no one went up to the mike. AJ and I toyed with the idea for a few minutes until eventually I just said I'd do it and went on up to the front of the room.

The mike was kinda buggy but I think I did my best in trying to (1) promote the Geeky Guide, (2) mention my LiveJournal and (3) shameless plug New Worlds: Transformed at Rockwell next week. Three prong attack! I took my gift bag and left the stage. That got the ball rolling and other people started going up promoting their blogs.

Best things of the night - fondue fountains, the Clique Booth and getting a Coke glass that changes color when the glass gets cold.

It was nice to meet new people and I regret not being more sociable - forgive me, it was my first time. Next time I'll be a lot more ready, haha. First things first - calling cards!


  1. If I had known you'd be going to such an event, I would have told you what to do and what to expect.

    When I went to iBlog3, I made business cards. You don't have to limit yourself to cards. The blogger from Chicken Mafia had a shirt printed with a chicken. They call these as link baits.

    Anyway, I know some of the bloggers who went there, met them at certain events (iBlog and Philippine Blog Awards). Saw Aileen Apolo at iBlog, such charming lady (and Google Country Rep, so behave Rocky).

    Good you had fun. Couldn't come because (1) it was a Tuesday and (2) I am sick. Hopefully there will be BlogCon this September, and we can go together promoting our blogs he he.

  2. I did say it was last minute after all, hehe. Literally - I found out at 07:00pm and the event was set to start at 07:30pm, hehe.

    We definitely need to to prepare for the next even. I certainly hope we get to go together.

    As for Aileen...I think I behaved, although my heart was definitely in my throat upon meeting her. You know what a Google-freak I am after all...

  3. Hello Rocky... ano bah simple lang naman ako eh hehehe. Nice meeting ya! :)

  4. hahaha, true enough. it was such a pleasure meeting you@

    until next time...

  5. di ko po yata kayu nameet pero nakita ko kayo i guess


  6. no problem, kirby. i'm sure we'll see each other at future events.