Jun 5, 2007

[Web] MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog - rgsunico

I finally decided to try joining MyBlogLog to see what all the fuss is about. Also, I'm curious to test if joining the site will also increase site traffic and introduce more people to my blogs.

Feel free to join the community for The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything or even the community for my personal blog, Beyond Dinobot Island.



  1. Yep, this is definitely a traffic booster.

  2. thanks for adding me back!

    the site is pretty simple for my tastes, but then again as long as it works, right?

  3. thank god for mybloglog i was able to check on my readers blog and what a pleasant surprise to find a review of my silly creation =P ...ill be coming back for more =)

    ...i think you already have a good following... i have yet to find my niche

  4. I registered a MBL account like thousands years ago but never really use it... I think I might give it a shoot. :)-

  5. wentle:

    The Geeky Guide is still pretty much in its awkward stages here and here since the whole "nearly everything" scope is pretty big to try and take on fully, hehe.

    i'm sure it'll get around soon enough as will you.


    i figured as much - it had a pretty old screenshot of Googlified there. it's a bit simplistic, but there certainly seems to be a significant user base already.

  6. This is how MBL brings visitors to my blog: I check out the other blogs in MBL; the owner of the blog I visit sees me in their MBL widget; he/she gets curious and visits my blog; and before I know it, he/she is a regular visitor of Misterhubs.

  7. i figured as much - the system does thrive on curiosity, hehe