Jun 6, 2007

[Viral Video Chart] Apple iPhone Videos

If you check out the Viral Video Chart these days, you'll notice a significant number of the recent Apple iPhone ads making their rounds of the top 20 list. Can you blame them - the previews are wicked cool and they really show off some of the amazing things this device promises to pull off.

Sure, it's expensive. Sure, it's locked to the new AT&T (formerly Cingular Wireless). Sure, a number of other phones promise do have similar functions and more.

And yet we're still drooling over it.

#4 - iphone ad june 29th never been an ipod

#6 - Apple iPhone Ad: Calamari

#10 - Apple iPhone Ad: This is How

#17 - New iPhone Ad


  1. According to reports, iPhone would not have a SIM card slot. If that's true, then it probably means that we here would also be locked to one phone carrier (Globe, Smart or Sun).

  2. whether or not there's a SIM slot (and there has to be in order to read the SIM), they can always lock carriers.

    it boils down to determining how Apple plans to market the iPhone in Asian and European markets, which are slotted for much later release dates closer to 2008.