Jun 5, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Wentle's Sojourns and Thoughts

Wentle's Soujourns and Thoughts
As a rule of thumb for these reviews, I try to avoid featuring relatively "new" blogs, normally categorized as being around for less than 6 months or so. It's even rarer still that I really, really get into following the blogs I feature - no offense meant there. I feature blogs that I think different groups of people might like, not necessarily just me. Then there re those rare times that a relatively young blog really strikes me and causes me to subscribe to blog - this time it was Wentle's Sojourns and Thoughts.

Wentle's Sojourns and Thoughts is a rather refreshing blog given its light tone and candid writing. It's the personal blog of a 23 year old "...architect by course...designer by profession..." based on his blog profile, which is pretty thorough. You have to appreciate bloggers who take the time to let everyone know more about them and so freely too. Then again, it fits with JR's writing style to be this open about things.

The blog is hosted on the Blogger platform and is pretty straightforward. The colors are pretty bright and they really come out at you, which gives things a relatively energetic feel. For the most part, it's a personal blog full of his day-to-day stories and experiences, all written in such a way that perhaps even the most mundane occurrences might seem interesting - no small feat for any blogger / writer.

For now I'd tag the blog as SFW given he mostly writes about life in the Metro including restaurant reviews and random blog memes. There have been a few entries of, well, somewhat more adult interests but he hides them behind entry cuts fairly well and I've yet to be bombarded by explicitly sexual images, hehe. The blog is still young, so this may change in the future.

While Wentle's blog may be young, it definitely shows a lot of potential for bigger things. He's been updating fairly regularly, which shows a significant amount of dedication on his part. This is one of those blogs I'd highly recommend following, if only to see where he'll be taking things.


  1. wow im surprised! ...stumbling upon your blog and you did a review on my silly bloggie... =) im still in the process though of finessing the whole theme and concept of the entire blog...but as of now i write whatever comes to mind... although human interest still tops the list =)

    thanks buddy...

  2. you have a pretty good thing going there, so don't knock it. just keep it real and i'm sure your readership will continue to grow.

    it was my pleasure writing the review.