Apr 3, 2007

[Web] Non-American Fast Food Chains

TIME Magazine: The Hungry American

I just read this interesting article over on the TIME Magazine website entitled The Hungry American, which talks about what international fast food chains coming into the US say about how we see them or something to that effect.

While I don't entirely agree with what the article had to say since some of his conclusions seem more like generalizations, it was amusing to see that the first fast food chain discussed is the Philippine's own number one fast food chain Jollibee! While it's not the best way to get yourselves on the map, as it were, it's interesting to see how far Filipino influence has penetrated.


  1. The city I live at, Columbus, is the 6th fatest city in the US.

    Lucky, I am between underweight and normal weight. (BMI 18.2 - 18.8)

  2. i've always been amused by the fact that people actually check on which cities are fatter than others, haha. i don't think we have statistics like that here.