Apr 4, 2007

[Google] Using the New Notebook

Google Notebook
Since it was first launched, I've been a fairly regular user of Google Notebook as a way to collect things of interest from around the web. It used to be that whenever I'd be channel surfing via StumbleUpon I'd have Notebook open on another tab in order to save things I liked but didn't necessarily want to create a permanent bookmark for.

With Google Notebook re-released with a new look and technically as a "graduate" from Google Labs, it was time to give Notebook another look.

I am loving the new interface, which borrows heavily from the Gmail look and loads a lot better because of the AJAX enhancements. I won't necessarily say that the new Notebook is smarter - it's just less dumb than the previous version. The best thing is how they managed to fix the loading issues when creating new notes since more often than not, one would get frustrated trying to click their mouse at the right time in order to trigger the typing box.

I like using Google Notebook primarily to collect links and articles that I might use later on whether for leisure or here on the Geeky Guide so I don't feel pressured to blog about something while I have all the tabs / windows open right now. It also helps me avoid getting caught blogging too much at work, haha. I'm sure you can find other uses for Google Notebook - go try it out and see what works for you.

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  1. I've not been using Google Notebook long but I find it very useful. It would be great to be able to search public notes by other users. Is there a way of doing that other than by landing on some by way of a general Google web search?

  2. Hi Michlt,

    There used to be a search specific to notebooks but it seems the removed that in one of the more recent updates. Google Web search appears to be the only easy way available now.