Apr 3, 2007

[Pinoy Gay Blogs] Ernesto's random blah

Ernesto's random blah

Thus far I've been writing reviews of blogs I've picked out at random from Pinoy Gay Blogs, and I've gotten lucky since the few blogs I've viewed are pretty interesting. Today I decided to spend time actually going through several blogs before picking out one worth writing about.

That's when Ernesto's random blah came to my attention. Ernesto is a Filipino originally from Olangapo but now living in LA. He's a self-proclaimed reality TV addict and also has a penchant for cafe mochas, it seems.

His blog is precisely what blogs were originally intended to be - a personal account of his life. It's not just about specialized topics like entertainment gossip or the latest Google news but more of an overall look at what's going on in his life. His blog is hosted on Blogger and is fairly clean. Of course, this blog is more than safe for work reading, haha.

Although he protests that he isn't a writer, his style is very refreshing in its candor and familiarity. You can actually imagine him telling you his stories and talking about his boyfriend or his family. He posts images from time to time and it's fun to see where he and/or his boyfriend end up. The blog took a bit of a posting hiatus between August 2006 and March 2007 but not it seems he's back to posting a bit more regularly. Hopefully this review will encourage him to update more frequently and remind him that there are actually people who enjoy reading what he has to say.

Before I end this let me state that if you're interested in getting featured here, it's probably best to leave a comment or you can email Migs, the site owner of Pinoy Gay Blogs, to get our attention. I can't guarantee a review right away - a lot of the blogs on the list are fairly young with less than ten entries and I think it's not yet a fair measure of how good or bad your blog is if you've just started. Keep at it and we'll get around to you soon!

Happy reading!


  1. Thanks Rocky! I really enjoyed reading your review. I promise I will definitely update more frequently. Thank you again.

  2. hey, the pleasure was all mine. if anyone deserves credit, it's you since you put so much effort into your blog.

    looking forward to "hearing" more from you.