Mar 29, 2007

[Google] A Bigger Pack

Google PackSome time back I finally decided to download the Google Pack along with the Google Updater since (1) I'm usually willing to trust Google and (2) I had most of the software in the Pack anyway.

Google recently announced the addition of new software to the Google Pack, namely:
  1. Norton Security Scan
  2. Spyware Doctor Starter Edition
  3. Google Photos Screensaver
What's most interesting this time around is that the security applications are freeware - they are not only free to try programs that you'll need to pay for eventually. It's definitely an interesting move on their part to partner so fully with Google on this endeavor and I'm definitely not complaining.

Spyware Doctor was the biggest application but ran the best by managing to find over 140 infections on my computer despite the use of Ad-Aware and SpywareBlaster currently run weekly. I also had Windows Defender at the time of installation and promptly deleted it after Spyware Doctor completed its first scan. So much for Defender's "active" protection (and overly aggressive memory usage!)

Norton Security Scan has the joyful memory requirements of any other Symantic security product, but at least it's free and pretty thorough. I ran a full scan and it still found two items of interest despite the free edition of AVG Anti-Virus running daily scans on my system.

I've yet to really put the Google Photos Screensaver through its paces, but it seems to be pretty dynamic and is definitely getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere. I'll keep everyone posted on how it performs.

So now, my total list of Google Pack applications looks like this:
My Google Pack Software

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