Mar 29, 2007

[Web] Working with Pinoy Gay Blogs

Now that was a quick turn of events.

After writing an entry about my issues with the requirements for the Pinoy Gay Blogs List, I left a comment on the site summarizing my concerns and left things at that. I wasn't expecting for Migs, who manages the site along with the ever popular Manila Gay Guy blog, to get in touch with me directly via email.

He clarified that adding MGG to your blogroll won't be taken as an absolute requirement, although he did acknowledge the benefit to his search engine ranking because of the move. He stated its being taken more as a request rather than a requirement and simply commenting on the instructions entry over on Pinoy Gay Blogs should more or less suffice.

Then the conversation turned to the possibility of me writing reviews of various gay blogs on the site as a sort of weekly feature. I warned him I tend to lean on the candid side of things so any reviews / features I'd write might not sit well with everyone. Then again, it'll help generate traffic for the featured blog and for myself as well since we agreed that all entries I'd write for Pinoy Gay Blogs would be cross-posted here on the Geeky Guide.

Strange times.

For the most part, I've said yes and I'll probably start checking out the various blogs now part of the growing list over on Pinoy Gay Blogs so expect new reviews for those sites in the future. I'm not sure if Migs will be able to use all my reviews since I intend to discuss them for good or for ill at least here on the Geeky Guide, it remains interesting to see how things go.

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