Mar 29, 2007

[Web] Pinoy Top Blogs

Pinoy Top Blogs

I've just about had it with Pinoy Top Blogs. The site, very similar to Blog Top Sites, aims to rank all Filipino-created blogs to show where everyone stands in the blogosphere. It's an interesting way to help promote your website while letting everyone find local blogs all in one location. I'm all for community building after all, since if we don't watch for each other, who will?

I signed up for both of the above sites in February and was quickly added to the rankings for Blog Top Sites but remain on the default "disabled" or "suspended status" which all new registrants maintain while in queue. I think 45 days was more than enough time to expect some sort of a response from the site owner as to the status of my registration, but no dice.

I tried emailing Abe Olandres, the site owner but never got any feedback either. the site says nothing else about how long it'll take and such and I think I did my part in terms of putting the appropriate tracking code and such.

It's going to be two months on March 8 and I still haven't been ranked and somehow I think it's highly unlikely they'll ever get around to it. Normally these kinds of things are triggered by crawl programs or "spiders" so unless he's chosen to manually check on every site, there should be no issues. Thus as of today, I'm officially giving up and removing the referral icon / tracking code from the site.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Why are the local ranking / blogosphere community sites so disappointing? Am I expecting too much here?

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  2. hey thanks for the reference Mr. Anonymous Poster - that does explain a lot.