Mar 29, 2007

[Web] Pinoy Gay Blogs List Hypocrisy

So I was checking out my feeds on Google Reader and came across this Manila Gay Guy entry about a supposed Pinoy Gay Blogs List with the claim that this list will help "...form and encourage a gay blogging community that helps improve the positive presence of gays in the blogosphere..." When I first read about it, this seemed like a great idea. I'm all for supporting the LGBT community and I've been known to cover queer issues on this blog - to some extent the Geeky Guide is a gay blog after all.

But then I read the terms for getting on the list:
Pinoy Gay Blogs List terms
At first glance things seem innocent enough, right? It does make sense that you'd need to discuss the list to help promote it. But then the second part of item one got to me - about the need to add the list's "sponsor."

This geek wasn't born yesterday - this requirement changes the purpose of the entire list from genuinely trying to foster a community to instead just trying to increase the SEO value of MGG. With all member blogs listing MGG as part of their blogrolls, then that means more links pointing to that blog alone, thus increasing the likelihood the blog will come up high on search engine results. That just seems wrong - the list is really about being opportunistic instead of fostering a community!

Until the site changes the parameters for getting onto the list, I urge all of not you to jump the gun in terms of joining the list just yet. A Philippine gay blogging circle is a great idea, but it would truly have to benefit everyone in the same way webrings link to other members of the ring so everyone has a chance at increased readership. Instead, this method supports MGG solely and theoretically it might help some of the blogs who join the list, but only through the solitary link provided by the actual list blog itself.

Despite this warning, I'm sure people are going to join the list in droves like another internet meme. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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