Feb 7, 2007

[Web] What Internet Attack?

There's an item on Google News now about a significant hacking attempt made against the "backbone" of the internet.

The attack was carried out with the aid of a large number of "zombie" computers infected through nefarious spam emails and other similar means in an attempt to overwhelm some of the root servers that help implement the Domain Name System that helps all of us get to the webpages that we want to.

The attack was reported to last as long as 12 hours for some servers, consisting of large requests for information designed to overwhelm the servers and get them to shut down. While the identity of the hackers has yet to be identified, it appears a large number of the attacks originated from computers with South Korean IP addresses.

So in case the net was slow of you within the past 24 hours, this was probably the reason. Personally, I didn't even notice. I guess that's a good thing - it speaks volumes about how resilient the internet has become over the years.

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