Feb 8, 2007

[Google] Is GMail Open Now or What?

I was pretty excited when I got online earlier today before heading off to work upon reading the Google Operating System Blog which mentioned that anyone could now sign up for GMail.

At the time, it appeared to be true since even when I visited the GMail page, a sign up link was avaible. There was even a Google Support page that answered the question Can I sign up without the invitation code? Or without a mobile phone? with this response:

Anyone in the world is now welcome to create a Gmail account at http://mail.google.com/mail/signup. Enjoy!

Of course whenever everyone started checking on it (myself included) the results were terribly mixed. For some people it worked and for some didn't. Here in the Philippines, I could see the sign up link, but when I clicked on it I was brought to mobile sign up page.

In time things seemed to get resolved, the Google Help page was edited back to its former lengthy discussion about how this system prevents abuse. In short - no public beta just yet, at least not everywhere as the former version of the Help page mentioned. Based on a BBC report, Gmail is indeed available to everyone...in Europe.

So close yet so far!

What irks the folks at the Geeky Guide is how sloppy they were in implementing this. Everyone's hopes were up for most of the day until the help pages and all the links were re-aligned correctly. I may love Gmail but this definitely deserves a slap on the wrist for someone over at Google. They really ought to be more careful about these things...

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