Feb 8, 2007

[Google] Docs & Spreadsheets Grows

Google Docs & SpreadsheetsGoogle Docs & Spreadsheets remains to be one of my favorite Google services released in recent months. Yes, yes, I know it's really just Writely and Google Spreadsheets combined into a single shared UI, but you get my point.

It's been announced on both the Official Google Blog and the Official Google Docs & Spreadsheets Blog that the service now supports 12 additional languages. In addition to that, it's now fully compatible with the Google Toolbar 3 for Firefox.

This means you can now enjoy the benefits that have been available for the IE version for some time now like the ability to open compatible formats directly in Google Docs & Spreadsheets. This is especially great for documents and spreadsheets that one accesses from email links or websites when you're at a PC that isn't yours. No longer are you dependent on making sure every computer you use has MS Office or whatever compatible office suite installed in order to view and edit the files in question.

This plays towards the true strength of Google's portfolio of products - interconnectivity. Sure, people will always argue that services like Yahoo! Mail are nicer for folder-dependent users or that Windows Live Messenger has more robust features. But that's not how Google is developing their products - they're working on making a complete suite of services that assist and benefit one another, thus adding to the overall value of being a Google user. Other competitors might have individual products that work really well on their own, but Google has a host of services that work even better together.

That's why I continue to support Google services and keep a close eye on their developments. There's a bigger plan behind everything they do and you can just feel their steady progress is building more and more momentum over time.

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