Feb 8, 2007

[World Affairs] Chopper Number 6

In recent weeks after the announcement of the surge, we've seen more and more helicopters being shot down. Seriously, it's all over the news these days, as if the media where trying their best to track everything like some weird running tally of death. While this is merely a testament to the dangers of Iraq, it also indicates a need to change not just the overall strategy in the country but the mentality behind the day-to-day decisions as well.

From an operations standpoint, whether for the military choppers or the civilian ones, someone has to be mismanaging this situation if the choppers are constantly getting shot down. We know that helicopters in themselves are highly vulnerable vehicles in any environment due to their lack of overall speed in moving through hostile areas. They're excellent targets for weapons that any militia insurgent can carry around the city.

Based on the reports, it is said that many of the choppers were brought down by small arms fire and not missiles. It seems weird that the military is so vehement in these protests - as if it really comforts us to know that these highly expensive pieces of equipment are being brought down my guns and not necessarily missiles. Oh joy.

With the surge of troops was supposedly a change in strategy in terms of how they're dealing with the Iraq situation. The world continues to look on, wondering just what's so different about what they're doing now. The chopper crashes have become a highly visible reminder of the overall death count and how things continue to move in a similar direction as before.

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