Feb 26, 2007

[Pink News] Excellent, Mr. Sulu

By now most of you must have heard about Tim Hardaway's anti-gay statements recently where he plainly stated that he "hates gay people" without any inhibitions. Of course the gay community has been rather up in arms about it, much in the same way Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington had his own run-in with discriminatory remarks.

Of course news like this quickly becomes late night television cannon fodder. Case in point - Jimmy Kimmel did a segment with former Star Trek navigator George Takei in order to formally respond to Tim's statement.

This is deliciously funny, I swear.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful piece of work.

    BTW, we just launched a video chart widget that lets you display the days's hottest videos on your site.

  2. hey Scott,

    thanks for the heads-up. I love the work you guys have put into the Viral Video Chart.

    I'm adding the widget in as we speak...