Feb 23, 2007

[Magazines] ICON unpublished

ICON unpublished 01 coverMy partner finally managed to find a copy of ICON unpublished 01, which has been out for some time now here in the Metro. Of course given it's highly suggestive content and the fact that ICON remains an independent initiative without major financial backing like some of the other magazines like some others out there, distribution is always limited.

ICON unpublished is their take on the glossy picture magazine / coffee table book of sorts that seems to be becoming more and more popular in the magazine industry. While originally promising entirely new photos previously unused from their past photo shoots, a number of the shots were clearly repeat pictures put into different perspectives or backgrounds or whatever else the graphics designer could come up with.

This is not to say it's not a good purchase - it's really nice to look at and the pictures are tastefully done, which is something that ICON has always been rather consistent about when it comes to their magazines. It's probably one of the main reasons I've supported them through the years (I have every single issue released, not including the cover variants though) - the pictures are hot, fashionable and not overly smutty. No, it's not pornography just yet, although parental discretion is probably in order - that is if you parents actually know your kid is queer.

It has a pretty hefty price tag of Php 500.00 but it's more than worth it. Plus, we should all support such "pink industries" in order to further awareness here, locally.


  1. hey
    do you work for icon magazine? can you feature filipino theater hunk Jay Espano?

  2. sadly i don't (hint hint ICON!!!) but I'm sure you can try making your suggestion directly through their website.