Feb 23, 2007

[Web] Vote Your Heart!

Avenue Q I've always been a big fan of Avenue Q given how blatant they can be about their own political views in terms of the songs and of course how entertaining it is overall. While I have yet to have the opportunity to see the actual show (New York is hundreds of miles away from me), I have heard all the songs at the very least.

I was surprised to find a link to the song Rod's Dilemma, something that was originally created back in 2004 when they were trying to win for the Tony Awards, as a way to poke at the judges. Of course now it seems to be making the rounds for entirely different reasons.

I suppose with the impending US Elections and our own National Elections here in the Philippines, the message of the song still applies to some extent. Leave it to the politically-conscious young adults of both countries to start using the song for their own purposes.

It's not a bad thing, really. It still makes sense. Try listening to the song and you'll understand why we all should vote our hearts.

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