Feb 26, 2007

[Movies] The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Having grown up with rather strong US cultural influences in my life, I've known of The Rocky Horror Picture Show without actually getting to see it. Let's face it, this is not the usual kind of movie you'd let your son within the context of a more or less conservative, Catholic and Filipino family. I've been wanting to see the movie for ages, mainly because of the very strong cult following around the movie and how everyone who's seen it swears on it being an important part of any man's gay life.

Thanks to the wonder of the internet, I finally bagged a copy for myself and set about closing this particular lose end of my life once and for all.

Who's to say really what makes this movie such a cult classic, what more a gay one as well? Is it because of Tim Curry being dressed as a transvestite scientist? Maybe it's because Susan Surandon has little more than her underwear on for more than half the movie? It is because of the fact that queers generally have an affection for musicals? Is it because it's just too campy for words? Perhaps it's because the character of Rocky is dressed in gold spandex undies for the bulk of the movie? Who knows really. It could be everything here and more, and you'll still not be able to get close to defining what this movie is really about and why so many people, straight or otherwise, have come to love the film.

It's important you watch this movie, though, that much is certain. If you think you've seen it all, or if you identify with the homosexual crowd or if you just dig cheesy movies, then yes, you really must see this movie. You're missing half your life, I assure you. Besides, once you've seen it, you'll no longer be a "virgin" - you'll finally be a Rocky Whore-er! Hahaha!

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