Feb 26, 2007

[Entertainment] 79th Academy Awards

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Well, the show's over folks and everyone is taking their little gold statuettes home. I mean they'll take them home eventually - there are the after parties to consider, of course. This year's show wasn't amazingly entertaining with Ellen DeGeneres as host, but that wasn't a bad thing. The show was all about the nominees after all and her low key handling of the event was more than appropriate, in my opinion.

The winners were a wide mix of surprises and prophecies, but what Oscar show isn't, right? While I'm happy for the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker whose acting talents definitely earned them their awards today, the real story of the night was the pretty much sweeping win of The Departed as a film.

It's a formula we've seen before - the Academy has been known to reward individual acting achievements across different films while crediting the production work of a single film at the same time. It seemed the natural conclusion for the night to hear them read out the winner of Best Picture - all the other production rewards had already gone to The Departed, so was there any real surprise left? Everything aside, I'm sure many of you are more than happy for Martin Scorsese as Best Director, given he had been previously nominated for the same category five times before without a successful win. Just look at how the assembly received him when he took the stage to accept his award.

For a complete list of winners, you can visit the official site. Congrats to all who bagged the gold!

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