Feb 15, 2007

[Google] Strawberry Issues

Google has always been known for their highly creative logos on holidays more commonly known as Google Doodles by the web community. This year's Valentine's Day logo didn't quite sit well with some members of the blogosphere given the argument that they actually misspelled their own name. I'm including the image below so you can judge for yourself:


In this case, the strawberry body along with the chocolate makes up the "G" while the stem makes up the "L" although not everyone would like to agree. It's kind of funny that it's actually made the news in some quarters - just goes to show the kind of impact Google has on the web as a whole. Google actually commented on this on their official blog and I think the response was pretty straight to the point while still being witty about it.

This really should have been a happy day but then again some people wanted to take the time to pick at Google for their interpretation of artistic license. Frankly, I'm surprised this ended up making the rounds more than the announcement that GMail is really open to the general public now (although still in beta).

Was the logo really that bad in your opinion?

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  1. Yeah ... should have had a spoon or maybe an arrow for the letter 'L'.

    Not a real issue, in any case. Wide open mail IS the real news here ... although most of the invitations I have extended were not used.

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