Feb 19, 2007

[Pink News] NJ is on the List

Starting Monday, February 19, 2007, the state of New Jersey has now joined the limited ranks of states that recognize gay civil unions and allow them to enjoy all the benefits that such unions are given.

This is a tremendous step for gay rights activists, at least within the state of NJ. It may not be the full right to the term "marriage," but it's definitely a step in the right direction. Frankly I feel the same way - if ever my partner and I wanted to formally commit ourself to one another, I'd rather aim for legal recognition of our status as a couple as opposed to just seeking out some religious recognition of my right to commit to a life union with another man.

Currently 45 states in the US have legal or constitutional bans against same-sex marriage. Massachusetts is the only states that actually alllows gay marriage while California recognizes domestic partnerships. Of course a ban on marriage isn't necessarily a ban on civil unions, so things aren't quite that bad just yet, but they're far from being better.

Fat chance government officials here in the Philippines will get anywhere near recognizing that gay people even exist as far as legislation is concerned. It's a shame, really, but those are the kicks.

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