Feb 13, 2007

[Mobile] New Phones at 3GSM

The 3GSM Congress is currently ongoing at Barcelona, and as expected, mobile phone makers are busy strutting their new wares.

Merging the Communicator line with its E series, Nokia has unveiled the highly-anticipated E90 (above). Now running Symbian OS and in S60 version 3, it has all the features that business phone users need (except for fax support, which was always present in all Communicators before E90).

My Symbian has a sneak preview (lucky them).

Nokia has also unveiled the E61i, the E65, and the N77.

Samsung takes on the iPhone with the Ultra Smart F700 (above). On all specs, this is a winner, although it runs on Windows Mobile. There's also the F520, which is probably the cheaper sibling of F700. Samsung has also unveiled other units in the slim line.

The mobile/smart phone market must be so lucrative; Lenovo joins the fray with two units, one of which sports the Google logo in a key (phone at the left, below). Neat.

Here are more units unveiled:

i-Mate 7150 (click image to enlarge)


Toshiba G900

Asus Aries

Motorola SLVR L9

With so much phones being released, what a buyer can do is stick with his current handset, specially if budget is a problem.

And the way they keep pushing the technological envelop, a Star Trek commbadge is probably within reach - five decades, perhaps?

(Photos from Engadget)

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