Jan 17, 2007

[Technology] Print Out a House

Here's another interesting item I ganked off of Digg.com, which is always a great source for interesting items on the web.

Apparently Engadget has reported about the development of a robot that can build an entire house on its own. The construct is stated to build the house like some sort of 3D inkjet printer with the device going back and force on fixed tracks while operating in three-dimensional space.

It seems like an interesting concept which is sure to bring down construction costs. It won't be the prettiest house on the street, but it will be built in the most efficient way possible, I surmise. What's even stranger is that there's actually a time trying to rival the USC group based in Loughborough University that is also working on this kind of a robot.

Where do these academidians get their ideas anyway? Strange times indeed.

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