Jan 18, 2007

[World Affairs] The Clock Nears 12

The Doomsday Clock, the more than 60-year-old representation of the risk of nuclear holocaust in the world maintained by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, has finally moved in more than four years of being at seven minutes to midnight since 2002.

Based on the news reports, the time has been adjusted due to recent developments with Iran and North Korea along with factoring in global warming concerns.

While it may not seem like much from a day-to-day living perspective, the Doomsday Clock has always acted as a benchmark of sorts of how the scientific community views global developments in the nuclear arena. Efforts to control the spread of nuclear weapons haven't been at all effective in recent years and with major nations engaged in word wars and sabre rattling sessions, it's no wonder the clock has been adjusted thus.

The Doomsday Clock's closest time to midnight has been two minutes to midnight back in 1953.

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