Jan 18, 2007

[The Web] Wired on Yahoo

Call me a late bloomer, but I just came across this particular Wired News article taking an in-depth look at how Yahoo! wasted a prime opportunity to beat Google before they even began. It's pretty lengthy, so you'll need some free time put aside before reading it here: You can also Digg the article here if you're into that, too.

Of course Yahoo responded to the article in their own fashion, but does anyone really care? The author, Fred Vogelstein, did a tremendous job of painting a detailed picture of the many missteps made by Yahoo CEO Terry Semel in the years before Google made its radical rise to the top of the search advertising industry of sorts.

I highly recommend that everyone read this article. It seems like the best time to do so, just after GooglePress confirmed Google will be announce their fourth quarter results at the end of this month, a press conference that is sure to send ripples throughout the tech and financial communities depending on how well or how badly they did.

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