Jan 26, 2007

[Pink News] The UK Gay Adoption Issue

Currently on the discussion table over in the U.K. is the Equality Act 2006 not because people are necessarily concerned with being equal but more along the lines of what such legislation means. The Act, which takes effect in Englad, Wales and Scotland this April, outlaws discrimination in terms of providing services, goods or facilities based on sexual orientation.

An offshoot of this measure is the provison that gay couples will be allowed to adopt as well, a sweeping item that will force all Catholic agencies to allow for these adoptions as well.

And that's where the pickle is.

Of course the Catholic Church is asking for an exemption from this Act on the basis that complying would violate their beliefs on the subject of recogizing homosexual unions. Even the Church of England supports them on this particular issue.

Prime Minister Tony Blair has committed to release a final decision next week on whether or not the exemption is to be allowed. In the meantime, the lines are being drawn in the coming debate on whether or not the Catholic Church has any basis for requesting this concession.

The best quote I've read so far comes from Harriet Harman, the Constitutional Affairs Minister coming from the Labour Party. She stated,
You can either be against discrimination or you can allow for it. You can't be a little bit against discrimination

Powerful stuff.

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