Jan 25, 2007

[Google] GooTube Plans

In November of last year, Google completed its acquisition of the amazingly popular video sharing site YouTube, a move that had everyone wondering what would happen given Google already had a rival video search service called Google Video. At the onset of the acquisition, Google stated that YouTube would remain an independent subsidiary of the company.

Today in their official blog, Google has finally announced more information about their plans for the two video services.

In a nutshell, Google Video will focus more and more on helping you search for video content as opposed to becoming a community, something similar to how Yahoo! Video works today, I would assume. The immediate plans are to add the YouTube videos to Google Video's search index but clicking on such videos will bring you to the YouTube website to view the clip.

They also briefly discussed the business side of things, mentioning plans to further monetize YouTube especially when it launches internationally, based on the statement. They also made reference to the on-going AdSense video testing as part of those monetization plans.

Frankly, I'm excited about how Google is handling YouTube. Instead of eating up the site as a lot of people feared, they're building on the success of the site and integrating new ways of monetizing it.

I guess for now all we can do is continue to stay tuned.

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