Jan 25, 2007

[Health] Microwave Mishaps

Don't you just love it how fast news spreads?

Recently a study at the University of Florida became headline news since it revealed that a household microwave could be used to kill harmful bacteria in kitchen sponges. The news seemed useful enough given the potential health benefits from the application of the research.

There were just a few minor details that were left out.

A few overeager readers tried out the method, many with disastrous results. Many sponges caught fire, flooding their houses with foul odors and in some cases ruining some microwaves.

By the time you check out the University press release now, you'll see the following disclaimer at the top of the article:

PLEASE NOTE: To guard against the risk of fire, people who wish to sterilize their sponges at home must ensure the sponge is completely wet. Two minutes of microwaving is sufficient for most sterilization. Sponges should also have no metallic content. Last, people should be careful when removing the sponge from the microwave as it will be hot.

Come on, metallic content, too? People just do the darndest things...

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