Nov 5, 2006

[Entertainment] Kanye West at the EMAs

Gold Digger? Try sore loser! It appears that Kanye West didn't take his losing the top award lightly at the recently concluded MTV European Music Video Awards (EMAs).

The rap artists interrupted the awarding of the Best Video award to Justice vs. Simian for their video "We Are Friends" with a rather aggressive, expletive-riddled tirade about how his video "Touch the Sky" should have won. He gave a variety of reasons including the total cost of the video, the presence of Pamela Anderson and the fact that he "...was jumping across canyons..." for that video. The music man had to be escorted off the stage while he continued his verbal assault all the way backstage.

What is it with these people? It's just an award - it's not like he missed out on being named leader of the free world. Definitely not something to get mad about in the manner he did. My mother would probably blame it on the rap music, haha.

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