Nov 5, 2006

[Earth News] No More Fish?

If you watch the news from start to finish, you're bound to come across reports that 90% of the ocean's edibles may be gone by 2048. When you expand time to ecological terms, that's pretty near, thus making the report pretty intimidating.

The reason, of course, it our own love of all things fishy. Highly aggressive fishing methods and improvements in fishing technology has resulted in a massive increase in our ability to gather fish without any real thought for the future. Ecologists and biologists alike are calling for a move towards more sustainable fishing methods and the creation of marine sanctuaries. You may not realize it, but more than 150 million metric tons of sea life are caught every year - that's a lot of fish!

It's not just about fishing, of course. Development of coastal areas, reclaiming parts of the ocean of real estate development and other related industries also add to the decline of the oceans' population.

Personally, I LOVE fish, but learning about all this has me thinking twice about my seafood cravings. The point of my writing about this is not to dissuade people from eating seafood but more to increase awareness of the issue at hand and of course rally for support for alternative fishing methods that will help ensure we still have fishy friends in the future.

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