Sep 3, 2006

[Alpha] Scoring Icons

More or less, I'm decided on using gear wheels for my scoring system as was under consideration in a previous entry. Now my challenge is what precisely to call them.

I can identify at least three ways of doing so:
  1. gears
  2. cogs
  3. sprockets
Being the addict of alliterations that I am, I have to admit that "geeky gears" appeals to me. Then again, I'm pretty corny, so I'll take a shot in the dark and hope that someone provides feedback on what term would best fit.

In addition, I need help in either sourcing a good picture of a gear that I can shrink down to 50 x 50 pixels and have it still look good. I'm thinking if it would be a bit over the top to superimpose a "G" on it s well to mark it as part of the site. I did a few prelimary experiments using images I acquired from Corbis using Photoshop 7 and the intial results have been rather...well...manky, for lack of a better term. My Photoshop skills are so out of whack, I'll definitely need to practice more in terms of actually creating images. All I've been doing in the past four years at least has been just basic photo clean-up, red-eye correction and resizing. I feel so ashamed as a geek, haha.

So share your thoughts and expertise! Help the Geeky Guide start with a bang!

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