Sep 5, 2006

[Alpha] Geek Searching

While the concern about the scoring methodology remains on the table, I thought I'd take some time out to document the geekier side of the reviews to be posted here. With luck, I won't scare people off with what I'm considering.

Since the Geeky Guide will be partly devoted to helping less technical users make full use of the internet, I've spent a fair amount of time considering how to differentiate this portion of the entries. Rather than be really wordy in explaining the how-to portion.

Here's my idea:

For all searches, I'll specify what to type in the search box using brackets like this - [keyword] so all readers can clearly identify what they need to do on their end. By default, all searches will be done through Google, since it is the most effective search engine, in my opinion, and also we'll be able to take advantage of the special search commands also built-in to Google like define and what is. It'll take people some time to get used to reading the entries in this manner, but I'm sure it'll be what will truly define the site and make it unique compared to others.

I'm excited about getting some beta review entries up to see what feedback I'll generate for those sorts of reviews. I don't think I'll be able to create the rating gear/sprocket image in time for the first beta release reviews (unless people out there decide to help me *hints hard*)

A lot of the information in the Alpha posts are going to become the basis for the site's FAQ section. I'm still weighing if I should create the FAQs just as an entry in the site or as a distinct page using Google Page Creator. I can ensure that it links back to the Geeky Guide, but I also risk people moving on to other pages from there.


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