Jul 12, 2021

[Books] June 2021 Reads

June Geek Reads

 Wow, looking back at the stuff I managed to read during the month of June left me feeling disappointed with myself. While I'm still "ahead" in terms of the pacing of my end-of-year reading goal, I definitely didn't cover as many titles this time around. In fact, I was short of reading at least one book a day, which is a little troubling since it severely ate into my buffer.

But that just speaks to how busy things have been at work, I guess, and all the craziness of trying to get vaccinated (which thankfully I did). So let's see what I did manage to cover this month.

For June 2021 I only read a total of 24 titles including 5 novels and 19 comic book trade paperbacks. I didn't finish any audiobooks this month since I was busy listening to Madeline Miller's Circe and I haven't been jogging or walking as much as I used to, which is when I typically listen to audiobooks. 

Reminder: I'll link to some of the featured titles I read using Amazon Affiliate links. If you want to help support the site, feel free to purchase them using that link!

On the novel front, I've gotten started on a new batch of Doctor Who Target books that I had managed to secure secondhand through a friend. to help spur more reading, I've finally gotten started on the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children series of novels, which has been in my Kindle collection for years now. At least I'm enjoying the experience, although Riggs does like writing rather long chapters.

I've been all over the place for comics, but there has been a serious effort to keep pace with our television. For example, a lot of my reading involved diving into the Ed Brubaker Captain America period so I could finally experience for myself how he brought Bucky Barnes back as the Winter Soldier. I went on to read some of the Winter Soldier comics as well. Apart from that, I also finally read Sweet Tooth (again, because of the show), and man, that is an AMAZING book. Lemire really has a flair for these sort of emotionally evocative stories.

So I don't really have major regrets for June. I enjoyed what I did read, but I need to pick up the pace for July so that I don't fall behind. Upwards and onwards! And if you want to explore my reviews of everything I read, feel free to check out my Goodreads page.

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