Mar 3, 2020

[Books] February 2020 Reads

Despite the relative brevity of February, I actually covered more titles this month versus the last, probably because for part of the time I was out of the country for work and that resulted in more reading time while I was physically apart from Tobie.

I read a total of 32 titles, only 1 of which was an actual novel, while 25 were comics and 6 were audiobooks. I actually did a lot of re-reading this month including titles like Warren Ellis' Global Frequency. But I suppose the title of focus was Locke & Key, since I ended up wanting to review the series after watching the first season of the Netflix adaptation. It remains to be one of my favorite comic book reads and coincidentally was one of my first purchases on comiXology.

Re-reading the books helped me appreciate what aspects of the comics were translated beautifully in the show but also stressed just how much had been changed and moved around in terms of the story. They remain two distinct pieces of fiction and I can't necessarily argue that one is better or worse than the other. The real challenge will be in terms of the ending of the series (should we ever get there) and whether they opt to go as dark as the comic did or try to find a more palatable ending for their wider audience.

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