Nov 28, 2018

[Geeky Guide] Taking A Breather

So I've been steadily writing reviews and other posts for The Geeky Guide to Nearly Everything for over 9 years now and I'm starting to wonder if it's all still worth it. Blogging seems to be a bit of a more archaic web medium with more comment discussions happening on social media or more engagement with more dynamic content like podcasts and videos.

I don't think I'm quite done with the Geeky Guide just yet - I've poured too much time and effort into this blog over the years to just drop it so quickly. But I do recognize I need to reconsider how I want to utilize this site moving forward and whether or not I want to shift to other formats like podcasting or vlogging.

I'm also going to experiment with shifting my book reviews to places like Amazon or Goodreads, as they may have more value to independent authors there versus here on this site. We'll see how things go come 2019,  but for now expect more sporadic/infrequent updates starting December 2018.

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