Sep 5, 2017

[Videos] 107 Facts About Rocko's Modern Life

I cannot explain how I got into the Nickelodeon cartoon series Rocko's Modern Life while growing up, but I totally did. It's not because we have similar names. It's not even because I was in love with the art style behind the series. But something about it just clicked and I was hooked on the show while growing up.

SDCC 'Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling' Sneak Peek | Rocko's Modern Life | Nick

Thankfully, the show is due for a sort of revival with a special movie depicting the characters in a contemporary setting - so yes Rocko and friends are coming to this modern life.

But before that, ChannelFrederator has put together one of their signature 107 facts videos breaking down a lot of the craziness behind the show.

107 Rocko's Modern Life Facts YOU Should Know! (107 Facts S7 E14)

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