Apr 18, 2017

[TV] Star Wars Rebels Season Four Trailer

This year's Star Wars Celebration at Orlando, Florida was the place to be as a Star Wars fan given all the teasers, trailers, panels and other fun bits that gave fans a lot to speculate about. And as much as I love the Star Wars movies, I'll have to admit that more of my life has a Star Wars fan has been spent exploring the stories of the old Expanded Universe, now known as Star Wars Legends.

And thus why I've fallen deeply in love with Star Wars Rebels as the continues to bring back Legends stories and characters into the new Star Wars canon thanks to the likes of Dave Filoni who breathe life into the show. And the trailer for the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels is quite a doozy.

Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Trailer (Official)

You can also check out the official Star Wars Rebels panel from Celebration here:

Star Wars Rebels Season Four Panel - Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

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