Feb 2, 2017

[Videos] More Pixar Easter Eggs

Everyone knows that Pixar movies are littered with Easter Eggs, many of which are internal references to other Pixar projects past and present. It's a game that we've all learned to play with the Pixar team, in a way, like keeping an eye out for A113 references or trying to spot the Pizza Planet delivery truck in each new Disney-Pixar movie.

Now this Screen Rant offers 10 Easter Eggs that are supposedly a lot harder to spot than others. Some I'll agree are pretty interesting while others feel like a bit of a stretch but hey it still works out. These won't change how you feel about the movie as a whole, but they do make for fun bits of trivia for those of us who are keeping score in Pixar Easter Egg game.

10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

What do you think? Do all 10 secrets stand up to your standards for appropriate geekery?

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