Apr 26, 2016

[Comics] Enjoying ComiXology Fully

I'm a bit of a comiXology junkie. I never outgrew my love for comics, but I also recognized that I didn't have the time to check my local comic book store on a regular basis in order to get new issues nor did I still have the patience to store vast quantities of comic book issues. On the one hand, I shifted more to collecting trade paperbacks that are easier to shelve and then I got started on digital comics.

I think the best thing about comiXology apart from a great reading experience across multiple devices are the many, many sales that make getting comics really affordable. Sure, $1.99 for back issues is already a pretty good deal, but it gets better when they run sales that drop prices to about $0.99 per issue. And then it makes it easier to invest in more titles and possibly try out new titles because the prices are so low. I've gotten to try out a variety of new titles thanks to comiXology, which is great exposure to more writers and some beautiful.

Marvel runs sales on Mondays and Fridays, so that's always something to look forward to. There's a big chance of at least one DC sales every month and the same goes for other publishers. Holidays are a great excuse for dropping prices on a new family of titles and all that good stuff.

Explore comiXology. You're bound to find something that you like. And if it's too pricey, then check back weekly to see what might pique your interest in the sale bins. Just don't forget the Marvel sales that bookend the work week. There's always fun stuff to explore there for sure.

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