Jun 8, 2014

[Pink Culture] RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 Updates

Yeah, I totally watch RuPaul's Drag Race. I never expected to like the show, but for some reason the show just hooked me in and now I'm totally into it. And just recently Season 6 ended and I'm totally happy with how things turned out.

And with the results out (spoiler alert!), it's nice to see what some of my favorite queens are up to after the show.

First up, Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio is trying to raise funds for a movie called Hurricane Bianca. One of the stranger rewards for this project is to get a personalized insult video from Bianca herself in a YouTube segment she calls "Bianca Hates You", fittingly enough. If you want to help make her movie a reality, then head on over to the site!

The foul-mouthed Adore Delano actually has entire album out called Till Death Do Us Party, fittingly enough. We have to remember that she once competed on American Idol after all, and so she has some serious singing chops. And as shared during the season finale, her goal now is to become a mainstream pop superstar - sort of like the drag Lady Gaga.

Here are the first two music videos from the album:


I Adore U

And while she wasn't exactly a favorite of mine, we have to give credit to Courtney Act for making it to the finale. And she also has a new single out:

Mean Gays

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