May 4, 2014

[Technicolor Musings] Let's Take A Moment

On this calm Sunday afternoon, let's take a moment and think about how far the LGBT struggle has come both worldwide and here in the Philippines. Think of this as counting our blessings - practicing the fine art of being grateful for the good in the world instead of forever regretting what has yet to be.

The Philippines is still a country where we can walk the streets as members of the LGBT community. Sure there are still risks of violence and ridicule and we're still trying to address the number of hate crimes out there, but for the most part we can walk the streets with our heads held high. There are other countries that have it far worse given greater anti-LGBT violence and even laws that have criminalized being LGBT entirely.

Media representation of the LGBT community has made some interest steps forward in terms of going beyond comic relief. And while shows like My Husband's Lover, That's My Tomboy or I Am Pogay, we've reached a point when LGBT individuals are presented during prime TV viewing spots. And while we can never claim that any of these shows represent the full LGBT spectrum (nor are they obligated to), they're all still steps in the right direction.

We may not have a universal understanding of SOGIE just yet but we have made great strides forward in terms of raising awareness related to LGBT issues and getting a few politicians actually trying to spearhead the charge to get some actual LGBT-centric legislation pushed forward. Actually getting any of these bills made into laws will still take a lot more work, we're getting there. And all this but a taste of the many good things that we've accomplished over the last few years.

We've come a long way and we're pretty much able to come out of the closet with a lot less risk and strife. And any night where we can celebrate our freedom in LGBT clubs or laugh at drag queen shows with our friends are all good things. So smile, savor the moment and recharge to continue the fight for LGBT rights tomorrow.

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