May 25, 2014

[Comics] LGBT Representation in Comics

Hope you're all having a great Sunday!

Sunday is the day of the week reserved for my more LGBT-centric blogging here at the Geeky Guide. But May 25 also happens to be Geek Pride Day. So I figured it would make sense to compare the two elements with today's share.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah is a one-of-a-kind superhero - one who is literally two different people. Zsazsa is this larger than life woman with super strength and other amazing abilities. Her alter ego, Ada, is a gay parlorista who never expected to gain super powers from a pink stone that fell from space. She's quite the gay icon in the local pink community and a great example of an LGBT heroine who has made a mark in geek culture. And her exploits have inspired both a stage musical and a movie adaptation. That's pretty mainstream right there.

So for some great Sunday reading, The Mary Sue put together a great two-part piece on LGBT representation in American mainstream comics. And while I wish there was a related article for the Philippine comic book industry, this is still a good place to start. So enjoy Geek Pride Day and wave your rainbow flag as we travel through the many ways that the LGBT community has managed to make mark in the stereotypically macho comic book world.

But yes, this will mean a fair amount of reading. Have some coffee or tea ready to accompany you as you read.


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