Jun 2, 2013

[Pink Scene] Know Your Oh Divas - Katkat

Being a longtime O Bar patron, It's interesting to note the growth of development of the various drag queens who have graced the O Bar stage over the years. And it's only natural for people to strive to better themselves and constantly seek to improve within their chosen path in life, whether it involves writing books or in this case impersonating celebrities and entertaining hordes of fans.

Katkat has been performing at O Bar for some time now and I can definitely say that her performances just keep getting better and better. Each Oh Diva brings something different to their performances and Katkat has a diverse range that can have her all pretty and demure on one end then hilarious funny the next. And it takes a certain a degree of skill and understanding of people to be able to read an audience like that and really figure out what tickles everyone's funny bones.

So this week's Know Your Oh Diva feature involves none other than the Captivating Katkat - and I'm sure you'll find her responses quite captivating as well.

What was your name again? - There's a funny story behind my drag name. My real "pa-girl" name was "KETKET" because I'm addicted to KETCHUP! So when I auditioned in Politixx and eventually passed the audition, our mamasang (sic) at the club asked me, "Anong name mo?" (What's your name?) I answered, "Anthony, po!" Then she said, "Hindi - stage name mo. Dapat pang-babae!" (No, what's your stage name? It has to be a girl name) So I told her, "Ketket po!" and she replied, "Ano, Katkat?" (What, Katkat?) I told her again, "Ketket po!" and she answered again, "Ano, Katkat?" Then I paused for a while and then just agreed with her, "Opo, Katkat!" (Yes, Katkat!)

So from then on my name became Katkat. It became "Captivating Katkat" when I joined Palawan 2 (P2) in Cubao. All the names of their performers had adjectives as part of their names, so the P2 management decided to add "Captivating" to my name because they said I captivate the audience. *smiles*

How did you get started in drag? - I used to be a backup dancer for the drag performers at Politixx Theater Bar at Malate way back in 2000. After a month of being a back-up dancer, the management decided to give me a chance to impersonate a female artist in our new season show! At first I was nervous! But when my mamasang/mentor Mama Jacky push me so that I could do it! I grabbed the opportunity agad-agad (immediately). So my first drag performance as an impersonator was Jennifer Lopez to the tune of "Let's Get Loud!" Since then, I've enjoyed every single performance as a drag queen. *smiles*

How did you get started at O Bar? -  I started at O Bar Ortigas in September 2010. I message Daddy Mon Papa on Facebook that I wanted to be a part of O Bar and be one of their performers. The he said "sure!" and he set me up for an audition! Luckily I passed the tastes of the O Bar Bosses, namely Daddy Mon and Daddy Rupert (we usually call them Daddy because they're like parents to us) Since then, I'm always excited to perform at O Bar because the crowd goes crazy every time we're on stage! Amazing crowd, amazing staff and amazing co-performers.

What do you love most about performing in drag? - Well, what I love most is wearing stilettos, fantabulous costumes and gorgeous weaves that make me beautiful and sexy hunty! *laughs* I can't wear these in my "normal" life.

What is your biggest challenge as a drag queen? -  Every time I hit the stage is one big challenge for me! This is because the Filipino audience is one of the hardest crowds ever, especially the LGBT community since they're the number one critics! I don't always know if I can make them laugh, make them feel amazed and appreciate my performance. That's why we have a saying, "Hindi lagi Pasko!" (It's not always Christmas!) - sometimes we're Up, sometimes we're Down, but mostly I'm on TOP in every performance! *smiles*.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about drag queens? - Well...I don't have any idea! That's because I haven't heard of any misconceptions other people have about drag queens - but being GAY? Well, too many to mention...*smiles*

Who is your biggest celebrity inspiration? - There are two celebrities that inspire me! First is Ms Whitney Houston because of her songs that inspires me to sing and to be a Drag Queen. That's why I have lots of Whitney Houston spots, in case you've noticed. And second is Lady Gaga, of course - not only because I impersonate her but also because she inspires a lot of people with her songs. This is mostly the LGBT community because she taught us to fight for our rights and not to be discriminated, because she believes that we are all born equal! It's just like as she said in her song:
I'm beautiful in my way'Cause God makes no mistakesI'm on the right track, babyI was born this way!
Has performing in drag taught you anything about yourself? - A lot! *grins* I've learned that not all customers are good and like you! So I've learned not to get pissed off and respect their thoughts and opinions.

What has been your favorite moment in your drag career? - When I was given a chance to perform in front of my idol Anne Curtis and to be with her on stage! And it was a great, great privilege for me to even have a shower with her during my performance!  That's why Diamonds is the theme song of my life and that's where I got the name for my followers - my JEWELS. *smiles*

What is your message to the drag queen hopefuls who want to get started in the art? - Before they enter the world of drag, they should love music, because being a Drag Queen is a combination of Music and Fashion! Then learn how to put on make-up, to lip sync and have the attitude on how to carry the song and never ever get drowned by popularity and applause. Just love the job and everything will follow. And lastly, respect the people that helped them in their journey to become a Drag Queen.

So I hope all you JEWELS and other fans of the ever Captivating Katkat enjoyed this week's feature. If you want to see her in person, you'll most likely catch her at O Bar Ortigas on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. So see you all then!

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